Check out some of our Pyromusicals in action!

The basis of the word comes from combining ‘pyrotechnic’ and ‘music’, but we found pyromusicals are capable of much more than that. A well designed pyromusical can captivate an audience and make the worries of their day disappear. With the finesse of an artist, our design team prides itself on creating immersive displays that appeal to more then just the eyes and ears; they connect on an emotional level!

Pyrotechnics Guild International

The 50th anniversary of the PGI is a once in a lifetime event. Our display was the closing show, on the final night, of a week long event that had pyromusicals by some of the top companies in the country.

Shenandoah apple blossom festival

With an estimated 18,000+ pairs of eyes to the sky, the Apple Blossom festival is our most attended event! Hosted by the city of Winchester, VA and held within tight quarters, this pyromusical is a very technical and immersive display that showcases our creativity and talents.

Kris Kringle Christmas Market

Held every year at the Charles County Fairgrounds in La Plata, MD, this event raises donations for the local food bank. This Christmas themed pyromusical helped draw in an additional 3,000+ attendees on fireworks night!

Mid-Atlantic Firework Festival

We like to showcase the talent that can be found throughout the whole company. On this night, we produced 3 individual pyromusicals; each of the 8 segments were designed by a different member of the IPC Design Team.

Charles County Fairgrounds

Located just a couple miles from our headquarters, we like to ensure our community has world class entertainment each and every year on the 4th of July!

Sky Wars (Formerly Pyromania)

While not technically an IPC display, Michael and Tim teamed up to design this amazing pyromusical and traveled to St. Louis to put it on for a crowd of over 8,000! Many members of the IPC family came out to both assist and witness it.

These are just a few examples of pyromusicals we have created but the possibilities are truly endless. CONTACT US and let’s begin making your dream display into a reality! Are you interested in a more traditional style firework show? No problem because we love doing those too! We take pride in every show we produce and will create the highest quality display possible. Check out a few examples over on our YouTube page.

Moments captured during some of our displays...