Whatever the occasion, fireworks can create the impact you're looking for!

Fireworks are proving they are not just for the 4th of July anymore! The industry is seeing pyrotechnics being utilized in new ways every day because of advances in manufacturing, equipment, and software. Below are some of the more typical categories of firework productions we are contracted for every year. Within each of these categories there are an endless number of possibilities of size, design, and budget options. Not sure where to begin? Check out our blog post on the different Types Of Firework Displays and What Can Fireworks Do For You for more information or Contact Us and we will be happy to help! 

Great photo opportunity with IPC fireworks at a wedding

With spectacular artistry in the skies, fireworks provide many great photo and video opportunities for newlyweds. There are also many ground and indoor options. A personalized display can make for a memorable thank you to the guests or even a gift for the happy couple!

Crowd in awe of an IPC pyromusical firework display

The majority of fireworks are enjoyed by Americans at municipality sponsored displays each year. These typically occur around the 4th of July, but because of their crowd-drawing power, many cities and municipalities are using them for year-round events!

Balloon festival the concluded with a pyromusical display by IPC
festivals & Fundraisers

The ability a fireworks display has to draw in a crowd is almost unmatched! Boost your pre-sale and gate numbers by advertising a customized pyrotechnic display, and then enjoy the social media buzz afterwards that helps draw in people for years to come!

Actors wearing IPC Pyro Crew Shirts
indoor/close proximity

When it comes to using pyrotechnics indoors, or in close proximity to people, safety is of upmost importance. Because of this, technicians need to utilize specially designed devices and training. With numerous certified operators on our staff, we can help provided those impactful moments you're looking for!

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Why choose ipc?

We know choosing the right display company for your event is no easy task. With so many options available, we will ensure that our clients feel their trust is well placed and to be confident that we will exceed their expectations.

What You'll Get

Your event already has enough moving parts, there is no need to add any more stress worrying about the fireworks. We can handle all the details necessary to make sure your firework display gets in the air as planned.